901 Troop

901 Troop Marine Cadets was founded, based at Winterton village hall, Norfolk in September 2001 (9-01) by David Holman, an ex Royal Marine, to give children the exciting chance to learn the Royal Marine way. The unit was known as the 'training ship' TS Fearless. Training in both the woodlands and the dunes of Winterton, the cadets learned valuable life skills such as cooking in the field, building shelters and teamwork. As the unit expanded they also based themselves at Caister Academy on Monday nights. TS Fearless is the flagship for 901 troop.

In January 2024, 901 Troop Marine cadets expanded with a new detachment, TS Victory, based at Sutton village hall, Norfolk. New staff brought their extensive skills, which enlarged the cadet experience with the availability of joint ventures and availability of new training areas.

By participating in training exercises they are able to apply their knowledge and skills from the set training programme in a practical, easy to learn manner. We achieve this by conducting exercises over a 24 hour period with set tasks for the cadets to complete in their sections.

901 Troop Marine Cadets are a totally self funded charity and is not affiliated with the MOD. Funds are raised by applying for grants, attending local events and fetes. and by organising raffles throughout the year. You may have seen us managing car parking duties at events such as Strumpshaw Steam Rally, where we also run a fundraising stand. All money raised for the cadets enable us to provide extra activities like a sailing programme and providing an opportunity to gain a national qualification in first aid.

Our staff consists of both Ex Service Personnel and Civilian Volunteers. Their rank is only held within 901 Troop Marine Cadets and the Marine Cadet Corps. They should not be mistaken for His Majesty’s Armed forces.

Registered Charity Number: 1153100

901 Troop Marine Cadets is an independent cadet youth organisation for young people aged 10-18 years old.

Young people can join as a Cadet from ages 10-17, or as an Instructor Cadet from 18+

901 Troop Marine Cadets is a great way to make new friends, be part of a team and make some fantastic memories.

The cadets will learn key skills and take part in training that will help guide them through life.

Our activities include:

  • Command Tasks

  • Sailing

  • Radio Communications

  • Fieldcraft

  • Map & Compass

  • Shooting

  • Ceremonial Drill

  • Weapons Drill

  • First Aid

We have taken part in a number of parades throughout the years, including Remembrance Day, D-Day commemoration in France, Armed Forces Day and Desert Rats Parade just to name a few. We have also been Guard of Honour for the Towns’ Mayor, Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

901 Troop Marine Cadets is a registered charity.

Our board of trustees are responsible for the governance of the charity. The board is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the charity and protecting its best interests.

901 troop marine cadets



The Senior Officer of TS Fearless 901 Troop Marine Cadets, and a trustee of the 901 Troop charity.

COL martin scott

Chairman of the trustees of the 901 Troop charity, and Colonel of The Army Cadets in Hong Kong.


Trustee of the 901 Troop charity, a great source for guidance and financial advice for the charity.

LT samantha gregory

Our Bandmaster for many years, and a supporter of the 901 Troop charity.

c/sgt mark westbrook

A staff member for many years, and a strong advocate of the 901 Troop charity.


Commanding Officer of TS Fearless.

a statement from LT Colonel paul dodson.

senior officer.

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, people are constantly striving to create an inclusive culture that fosters growth, education, and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. At 901 Troop Marine Cadets, we believe in cultivating the 'Commando Spirit' - a set of core values that guide our actions and shape our approach towards leadership and teamwork.

I am proud to have such a great team to achieve the troop ethos. As we grow, we reach more young people, creating as many opportunities as possible for them and assisting them for future life..

The Commando Spirit: Key Principles

The Commando Spirit is built on four key principles:

Courage: Get out front and do what is right

Courage is the cornerstone of the Commando Spirit. It is about stepping up, taking risks, and doing what is necessary, even in the face of adversity. Our staff lead by example, demonstrating unwavering courage in their decision-making and actions.

Determination: Never give up.

Determination is the fuel that drives us forward. It is the unwavering commitment to achieving our goals, no matter the obstacles we may encounter. Our organization instils a sense of resilience and perseverance in our cadets, teaching them to never give up in the pursuit of excellence.

Unselfishness: Team first. Team mate second. Self last.

Within 901 Troop, we prioritize the collective success. Unselfishness is about putting the team's needs before our own, supporting and uplifting our teammates. This principle fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and collaboration within our ranks.

Cheerfulness in the face of adversity: Make humour the heart of morale.

Adversity is inevitable, but how we respond to it defines our character. The Commando Spirit emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and finding humour even in the most challenging situations. This not only boosts morale but also helps build resilience and mental strength.

Education and Life Skills

Alongside the core principles of the Commando Spirit, our Troop is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and life skills to our cadets. We believe that knowledge is power, and by equipping our cadets with the necessary skills, we empower them to navigate the complexities of life with confidence.

Our training covers a wide range of subjects, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Through our training, we equip our cadets with essential life skills that will serve them well beyond their time with us.

The Commando Spirit is more than just a set of principles; it is a way of life. By embracing courage, determination, unselfishness, and cheerfulness in the face of adversity, we create an inclusive culture that fosters growth, strength, and guidance.

At 901 Troop, we are proud to embody the Commando Spirit and invite others to join us on this transformative journey.

Paul Dodson

Senior Officer