901 Troop Marine Cadets was originally named 901 Troop Winterton Marine Cadets, this soon evolved into 901 Troop Marine Cadets TS Fearless. TS Fearless being the 'Training Ship' that the troop are 'deployed' on. In 2012 The troop was honoured with freedom of Great Yarmouth borough, It is the highest honour that the borough can bestow, with an illustrious list of names stretching back to the 1700s. In July 2013, the troop gained charity status.

For anyone interested in joining the first night is a free taster session. Following that, Subs are £15.00 per month.

You are welcome to visit us at:

Caister Academy, Windsor Road, Caister-on-Sea on Mondays 1830hrs to 2115hrs


Winterton Village Hall, King Street, Winterton-on-Sea on Fridays 1830hrs to 2130hrs.

Our staff consists of both Ex Service Personnel and Civilian Volunteers. Their rank is only held within 901 Troop Marine Cadets and the Marine Cadet Corps. They should not be mistaken for His Majesty’s Armed forces.



LT Justin Brown

Commanding Officer of TS Fearless.

SGT Michelle Carter

Administration Coordinator and Treasurer.

STaff Helen Prescott

Activities Coordinator and Quartermaster.

Sgt ben austin

Formerly an Instructor Cadet, he is now an Instructor.


Staff Volunteer.

WO2 Russ Phelan

Second in Command of TS Fearless.

Adventure Training Officer.

stephen brown

Staff Instructor.



Sgt Jo-anne brown

Training Officer and Grants Coordinator.

Our Instructor Cadets have risen through the cadet ranks, and so, have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the troop. At 18 years old, they have chosen to stay on board to train the next generation of cadets. Some then choose to stay on as staff once they hit the age of 21. They are an integral part of the team.


instructor cadets

c/sgt harry soanes

Specialisation: Arms Drill.

C/SGT jay humphreys

Specialisation: Recruit Training.

a statement from LT justin brown. COMMANDING OFFICER.

As the Commanding Officer of the TS Fearless, I am proud to lead a dedicated team that is committed to instilling important life skills and building character in young people. Our ethos is centred around fostering a sense of team spirit, providing unwavering support to our cadets, and celebrating their achievements with pride. Whether it's excelling in training, demonstrating leadership skills, or contributing to the community, we celebrate every milestone with enthusiasm. By recognizing their accomplishments, we instil a sense of pride and motivation in our cadets, encouraging them to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

We aim to cultivate an environment where respect, discipline, and integrity are upheld at all times. Our cadets are encouraged to develop a strong sense of loyalty towards their unit and their fellow cadets. Through team-building activities, collaborative projects, and leadership opportunities, we foster a sense of camaraderie and unity among our cadets, enabling them to work together effectively towards common goals.

One of our primary objectives at TS Fearless is to equip young people with essential life skills that will benefit them beyond their time in our troop. Through our training, we work on developing skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. We believe that true strength lies in the ability to overcome obstacles, show compassion, and make ethical decisions. We encourage cadets to develop qualities such as perseverance, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic. By instilling these values, we prepare them to become responsible and principled individuals who can positively contribute to society. By providing cadets with opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and face challenges head-on, we help them build the confidence and resilience needed to succeed in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

Working with 901 is very rewarding, it is with great pride to see the growth and achievements of our cadets.

Come and see what we do. Be part of the experience.

Justin Brown

Commanding Officer